Bilateral Legal Research Group in cooperation with the Local Group of ELSA Thessaloniki on the topic of “Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Femininities and LGBTQI+ Persons”

Brief explanation 

A Legal Research Group (LRG) is a group of law students carrying out research on a specified topic of law with the aim to publish their conclusions. During our early years, egal research was one of the main aims of ELSA. In the 1980s, when ELSA was created as a platform for European cooperation between law students, sharing experience and knowledge was the main purpose of our organization. In the 1990s, our predecessors made huge strides and built a strong association with a special focus on international exchange. In the 2000s, young students from all over Europe were facing immense changes in their legal systems. Our members were part of such giant legal developments such as the EU expansion and the implementation of EU Law. To illustrate, the outcome of the ELSA PINIL (Project on International Criminal Court National Implementation Legislation) has been the largest international criminal law research in Europe. In fact, the final country reports have been used as a basis for establishing new legislation in many European countries.  

Legal Research Group 2022

The research will be based on a comparative approach regarding the European legal order of reproductive rights, focusing on the legal status of Germany and Greece. The research will be conducted in english and supervised by Mrs. Dr. Kröpelin from Möhrle Happ Luther.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend a series of Legal Courses on the topic as well as on the methodology of legal research, legal english and legal text writing. They will get the chance to dive into current issues especially regarding health law. At the same time, they will get to develop their writing skills and publish their findings on reputable academic websites!

Prerequisite for participation is the excellent knowledge of English, along with the status of a paying member of ELSA.

Timeline of the Legal Research Group 2022

Until 28th February

Applications period for Researchers and Linguistic Editors ( => Anmeldung zu Veranstaltungen)

Beginning of March

Announcement of Researchers and Linguistic Editors 


Online Workshops on Legal Research, Legal Writing, Legal English

March  – May

Research and Writing


Final Draft


Publication and Follow up event


If you have any questions, please contact ELSA

Persons working on the project

Note: All participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the project.

Academic Coordinator (AC) 

The Academic Coordinators manage and oversee the entire project. 

Academic Supervisor 

The Academic Supervisor is the person who has the responsibility of ensuring the academic quality and legal accuracy of the final report. In addition, the Academic Supervisor reads the first draft and the final draft and gives feedback. For any legal uncertainties, contact your Academic Coordinators. They will forward the questions to the Academic Supervisor.

Dr Andrea Kröpelin is our academic supervisor. She studied law at the University of Hamburg and completed a supplementary course in business law. After her legal traineeship in Hamburg, she worked as a lawyer at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP until 2012 and then joined Möhrle Happ Luther, where she has been a partner since 2013.


The researchers are the law students selected to conduct the research and answer to the questions of the academic framework. The success of any LRG relies on the quality and competences of the Researchers. The final report will be a compilation of the report produced by them after all.

Researchers are thus expected to:  

  • Produce a collective and cohesive final report following the Academic Framework and that is in accordance with the expected academic quality, guidelines and deadlines.

  • Ensure that the academic content of the final report is accurate, cited properly and written in the precise legal terminology.

  • Maintain open and constant communication with the National Coordinator by providing regular updates and respond promptly to requests and inquiries from the National Coordinator

  • Respect all deadlines set up by the Coordinators. 

Linguistic Editors (LE)

The Linguistic Editor provides the Research Groups with a correction of the reports from a language perspective. Moreover, the LE ensures the correct formatting of the references in the text.

LEs are expected to:  

  • Assist and instruct Researchers on the proper use of citations and (plain) legal English, following the guidelines provided for by ELSA Hamburg and ELSA Thessaloniki

  • Amend the structure of the final report if necessary

  • Proofread the final report and amend if necessary